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Table T2. Location of description and measurements made during Expedition 310.

Shipboard Hunter, offshore Tahiti
Onshore Science Party, Bremen

Core description:
• Core catcher description
Core description:
• Split-core visual core description

Core photography:
• Core catcher photography
Core photography:
• Full-core and close-up photography

Whole-core multisensor core logging:
• Density
• Velocity
• Magnetic susceptibility
• Electrical resistivity
Discrete sample index physical properties:
• Compressional P-wave velocity
• Bulk, dry, and grain density
• Water content
• Porosity and void ratio

Inorganic geochemistry:
• pH
• Alkalinity
• Ammonia concentration chlorinity
Inorganic geochemistry:
• Dissolved cations
• Bromide, chloride, and sulfate
• Dissolved phosphate
• Chlorinity

• Activity testing by ATP monitoring
• Exoenzymes activity
• Microscopy (DAPI staining)
• SEM analysis (including SEM-EDAX analysis)
• Cultivation of microorganisms
• Culturing

Downhole logging
• Optical imaging
• Acoustic imaging
• Borehole fluid temperature and pressure
• Electrical conductivity
• pH
• Oxydo-reduction potential (Eh)
• Spectral natural gamma ray
• Induction resistivity
• Full waveform sonic
• Caliper
• Thermal conductivity (where possible)
• Color reflectance of split-core surface at discrete points
• Continuous digital line-scanning of split-core surface
• X-ray fluorescence (14 samples from Hole M0008A)

Note: * = Analyses conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland, between the end of the offshore phase and the beginning of the Onshore Science Party. ATP = adenosine triphosphate, DAPI = 4',6-diamindino-2-phenylindole, SEM = scanning electron microscopy, EDAX = X-ray energy dispersive analyzer.

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