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Figure F37. Histogram showing preliminary chronology measurements on core catcher materials recovered during Expedition 325. Age distribution clearly indicates that the recovered fossil coral reef cores span key periods of interest for sea level change and environmental reconstruction, including the last glacial maximum (LGM) and Heinrich Events 1 and 2 (H2, H3), Bølling-Allerød (B/A), and Younger Dryas (YD). Previously published data on relative sea level from 20 cal y. BP through present (upper symbols) along with GISP2 δ18O (proxy for temperature over Greenland; black line) are plotted for comparison. MWP-1A = meltwater pulse 1A. Source of data: Tahiti = Bard et al., 1996, 2010. Huon Peninsula = Chappell and Polach 1991; Edwards et al., 1993; Yokoyama et al., 2001a, 2001b. Huon drill core = Cutler et al., 2003. Sunda shelf = Hanebuth et al., 2000. Barbados = Fairbanks, 1989; Bard et al., 1990. GISP2 = Stuiver and Grootes, 2000).

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