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Figure F2. Multichannel seismic (MCS) data at Atlantis Massif. A. Migrated stack of Meg 10 across Central Dome (Canales et al., 2004). B. Unmigrated section (Singh et al., 2004) reveals a more complex band of wide-angle reflectivity starting at the D-reflector and extending ~0.5 s. Tomography model (Blackman et al., 2009) is overlain. C. Snapshots from Fledermaus scene show Singh wide-angle record sections and Hole U1309D lithology (depth converted to time using average check shot velocity). D. Velocity-depth profiles for near-bottom explosive source (NOBEL) (Collins et al., 2009), MCS refraction traveltime inversions (Canales et al., 2008), and sonic log from Hole U1309D overlain on envelopes of velocity determinations on other young Atlantic crust (yellow = Lucky Strike area [Arnulf, 2011]; gray = compilation, less resolution in shallow section [White et al., 1992]). TWT = two-way traveltime. CD = Central Dome, SR = Southern Ridge.

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