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Figure F18. Lithostratigraphy results at J-Anomaly and Southeast Newfoundland Ridges plotted against the timescale. OAE = oceanic anoxic event, MCE = middle Cenomanian event, K/Pg = Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary, PETM = Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum, ETM2 = Eocene Thermal Maximum 2, MECO = middle Eocene climatic optimum, Oi1 = Oligocene isotope Event 1, Mi1= Miocene isotope Event 1, MMC = middle Miocene climatic optimum. Major hiatuses are recognized around 50 Ma in the J-Anomaly Ridge and between 33 and 40 Ma in the Southeast Newfoundland Ridge. High sedimentation rates of drift sediments (horizontal green-shaded areas) were recorded around early–middle Eocene (44–50 Ma) and late Oligocene to early Miocene (22–26 Ma).

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