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Figure F36. Images of exceptionally well preserved microfossils from J-Anomaly Ridge Sites U1403, U1405, and U1406. Examples include glassy planktonic and benthic foraminifers and fragile and dissolution-susceptible nannofossils. Top row: lower Miocene (Zone M1b) planktonic foraminifers revealing semi-glassy taphonomy and even the presence of relict spines within the umbilici (Samples 342-U1405A-13H-6, 100–102 cm; 15H-2, 100–102 cm; 15H-CC; and 16H-CC). Second row: benthic foraminifers (Samples 342-U1405A-15H-6, 100–102 cm; 19H-6, 100–102 cm; 15H-2, 100–102 cm; 14H-6, 70–72 cm; and 15H-6, 100–102 cm). Third row: calcareous nannofossils. Fourth row: radiolarians. All images are at the same magnification.

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