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Figure F65. Lithostratigraphy, global events, and benthic foraminiferal isotope records of the Paleocene at ODP Site 1209 (Westerhold et al., 2011; central Pacific compared to Expedition 342 records of the middle Paleocene). Age model follows Option 1 of Westerhold et al. (2008). Cored lithologies are shown for Sites U1403 and U1407, covering the Danian–Selandian interval (yellow). CN = calcareous nannofossil, NF = nannofossil, VPDB = Vienna Peedee belemnite. PETM = Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum, ETM1 = Eocene Thermal Maximum 1, K/Pg = Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary. A, B. Close-up core images from representative lithologies within nannofossil Zone NP4.

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