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Figure F1. A. Tectonic setting of IBM arc (from Taylor, 1992; Tamura and Tatsumi, 2002). The IBM arc-trench system forms the convergent margin between the Pacific and Philippine Sea plates. Double lines indicate spreading centers, active in the Mariana Trough and relict in the Shikoku and Parece Vela Basins. Izu-Bonin, West Mariana, and Mariana arcs are outlined by the 3 km bathymetric contour, and other basins and ridges are outlined by the 4 km contour. Box shows area of B. B. Map of the 16 Quaternary volcanoes on the arc front (from Tamura et al., 2009), showing Expedition 350 site positions (Site U1436 in fore arc and Site U1437 in rear arc) and previous ODP site locations. Dotted line along arc front indicates locations of 103 ocean-bottom seismometers, deployed at ~5 km intervals (Kodaira et al., 2007a, 2007b); for profile see Figure F5.

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