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Figure F20. Hole U1436A lithologies. A. Tuffaceous mud lithofacies with mafic ash and evolved ash lithofacies (3H-2, 2–86 cm). B. Evolved ash lithofacies with basal fine-grained lapilli and normally graded ash intercalated with tuffaceous mud lithofacies (4H-2A, 10–29 cm). C. Black, glassy mafic ash lithofacies underlain and overlain by mud with ash lithofacies (8H-3A, 48–66 cm). This interval was not observed in Holes U1436B, U1436C, and U1436D and thus resulted from core disturbance of the black, glassy mafic ash interval, was recovered in Hole U1436D (Continued on next page.)

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