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Figure F7. A. Time-migrated MCS Section IBM4-EW5 E-W profile through proposed Site IBM-4 (M. Yamashita, pers. comm., 2014). In order to better image the intracrustal structure and to precisely define the upper/middle crust boundary beneath Site IBM-4, seismic experiments were conducted in 2008 using the JAMSTEC’s R/V Kairei (KR08-09) to deploy a wide-angle OBS array with 1 km intervals. iso-VP contours of 5 and 6 km/s are inferred to represent upper crust and middle crust, respectively. B. Lithostratigraphic Units I–VI described from ODP Site 792 (Taylor et al., 1992) and inferred intracrustal structure below 886 mbsf.

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