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Table T3. Relative abundances of volcanogenic material, Expedition 350.

lithology type
Example A Example B
0−25 Sedimentary Sand, sandstone Unconsolidated breccia, consolidated breccia
25−75 Tuffaceous Tuffaceous sand, tuffaceous sandstone Tuffaceous unconsolidated breccia, tuffaceous consolidated breccia
75−100 Volcanic Ash, tuff Unconsolidated volcanic breccia, consolidated volcanic breccia

Volcanic component percentage are sensu stricto Fisher and Schmincke (1984). Components may include volcanic glass, pumice, scoria, igneous rock fragments, and magmatic crystals. Volcaniclastic lithology types modified from Fisher and Schmincke (1984). Bold particle sizes are nonlithified (i.e., sediment).

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