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Table T1. Acronyms and units used for wireline logging tools.

Tool Output Tool name/Data point description Unit
VDN   VISION Density Neutron  
  TNPH Thermal neutron porosity %
  IDRO Image derived density g/cm3
  RHOB (L,R,U,B) Bulk density (left, right, up, bottom) g/cm3
  IDDR Image derived density correction g/cm3
  DRHO (L,R,U,B) Bulk density correction (left, right, up, bottom) g/cm3
  DCAV Density caliper inch
  IDPE Image-derived photoelectric factor
  PE (L,R,U,B) Photoelectric factor (left, right, up, bottom)
PowerPulse   PowerPulse  
  DTOR_RT Real-time downhole torque kft·lb
  DWOB_RT Real-time downhole weight on bit klbf
  VIBTOR_RT Real-time downhole torque ft/lb
  TRPM_RT Real-time powerpulse turbine rpm rpm
  SHKPK_RT Real-time powerpulse peak shock G
  SHKRSK_RT Real-time powerpulse shock risk
  STICK_RT Real-time powerpulse peak to peak collar RPM Variation rpm
  CRPM_RT Real-time powerpulse collar RPM rpm
ARC   Array Resistivity Compensated  
  GR_ARC_UNC ARC uncorrected gamma ray gAPI
  PxxB ARC blended phase resistivity xx inches Ωm
  AxxB ARC blended attenuation resistivity xx inches Ωm
  PxxH ARC phase resistivity xx inches at 2 MHz Ωm
  AxxH ARC attenuation resistivity xx inches at 2 MHz Ωm
  PxxL ARC phase resistivity xx inches at 400 kHz Ωm
  AxxL ARC attenuation resistivity xx inches at 400 kHz Ωm
  APRS ARC annulus pressure psi
  ATMP ARC annulus temperature °C
  ECD_ARC ARC equivalent circulating density ppg
GVR   GeoVISION Resistivity  
  GR_RAB GVR gamma ray gAPI
  RES_BS GVR shallow button resistivity Ωm
  RES_BM GVR medium button resistivity Ωm
  RES_BD GVR deep button resistivity Ωm
  RES_RING GVR ring resistivity Ωm
  RES_BIT GVR bit resistivity Ωm
  RPM_RAB GVR rotational speed rpm
  AAI GVR angular acceleration indicator

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