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Figure F12. Lithostratigraphic Subunit IIC. A. Green and reddish brown clay interbedded with silt beds (Core 308-U1324B-62X; DIS image). B. Sequence consisting of brown silt with a sharp base at 74 cm, fining upward to greenish mud with laminae and reddish mud at the top (interval 308-U1324B-62X-5, 44–80 cm). C. Interbeds of greenish gray mud and silt (Core 308-U1324B-64X; DIS image). D. Normally graded silt beds and laminae at 122–128 cm (interval 308-U1324B-64X-4, 114–137 cm). E. Laminated silty sand bed with quartz and calcite in Subunit IIC (Sample 308-U1324B-63X-5, 82 cm).

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