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Figure F9. Lithostratigraphic Subunit IG. A. Lower medium sand (top), which could have resulted from flow-in from a thinner layer, and greenish gray clay with dark gray laminae (base) (Section 308-U1324B-37H-1; DIS image). B. Couplets of dark gray and lighter gray/​brown clay with reddish bands with lighter gray clay and mottling throughout (Section 308-U1324B-40H-2; DIS image). C. Laminated silt bed with sharp base and top at 53–58 cm (interval 308-U1324B-40H-2, 40–76 cm). D. Lamination of greenish gray and reddish brown clay (interval 308-U1324B-44H-1, 68–103 cm). Note that DIS images do not reproduce exact sediment color.

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