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Table T9. Summary of pass-through cryogenic magnetometer measurements, Hole U1324B.

Measurement Core, section
NRM (0, 10, 20, 30 mT) 1H-1 through 12H-6
NRM (0, 10, 20 mT) 12H-7 through 13H-2
NRM (0, 20 mT) 13H-3 through 25H-4
NRM (0, 10, 20 mT) 26H-1 through 74X-2
Fugro cutting shoe 4H, 7H, 11H, 13H, 17H, 19H, 21H, 23H, 25H, 27H, 29H, 31H, 33H, 35H, 37H, 39H, 41H, 43H, 47H, and 49H
Skipped sections because of core flow-in 25H-5, 25H-6, 28H-5, 28H-6, 28H-7, 32H-4, 32H-5, 32H-6, 35H-4, 36H-5, 36H-6, 38H-5, 38H-6, 39H-4, 39H-5, 39H-6, 43H-5, 48H-6, 50H-4, and 50H-5
Skipped sections because of sandy lithology 37H-1
Skipped sections because of mechanical disturbance 64X-1, 64X-3, and all core catchers
Tensor tool 4H through 50H

Note: NRM = natural remanent magnetization.

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