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Figure F24. Mineralized volcanic breccia (Unit 1256D-42a) and volcanic breccia interbedded with sheet flow (Unit 1256D-42b). Breccia consists of angular fragments of glassy to cryptocrystalline basalt embedded in altered glass, sulfides, and late carbonate. Pieces indicated by arrows in Unit 1256D-42b are brecciated. A. Interval 309-1256D-122R-1 (Piece 12, 50–66 cm). B. Interval 309-1256D-122R-1 (Piece 13, 67–80 cm). C. Interval 309-1256D-123R-1 (Piece 4, 15–20 cm). D. Interval 309-1256D-122R-2 (Pieces 2 and 3, 15–30 cm).

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