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Figure F33. A. Large orthopyroxene (opx) oikocryst containing tiny inclusions of granular clinopyroxene, typical for Gabbro 2 (Unit 1256D-91) (Thin Section 110; Sample 312-1256D-230R-1, 36–40 cm) (field of view [FOV] = 0.6 mm; plane- and cross-polarized light). Note abundant dusty spots in plagioclase (plag) suggest that these grains are secondary, incorporating earlier altered material. B. Poikilitic orthopyroxene containing small blebs of clinopyroxene in orthopyroxene-bearing gabbro (Unit 1256D-92), the central, orthopyroxene-bearing part of Gabbro 2 (Thin Section 113; Sample 312-1256D-232R-1, 97–100 cm) (FOV = 2.4 mm; plane- and cross-polarized light).

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