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Figure F2. Images of typical heterogeneous texture of upper part of Gabbro 1, which is characterized by two textual domains: subophitic and coarse-grained patchy or network. A. Scan image of wet surface of oxide gabbro (Sample 312-1256D-214R-2, 78–81 cm; 1413.13 mbsf). White brackets = area of thin section in B and C. B. Thin section image of A (cross-polarized light). Subophitic domains are characterized by <1 cm clinopyroxene oikocrysts with plagioclase chadocrysts. Coarse-grained network domains are characterized by plagioclase and Fe-Ti oxide. C. Thin section image of A (plane-polarized light). Red dashed line = boundary between coarse-grained network domain and subophitic domain. Yellow box = area of the photomicrographs in Figure F1A and F1B.

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