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Table T2. Pure cultures of microorganisms obtained during Expedition 310.

Slide Hole, core, section,
interval (cm)
Cell morphology
A M0009D-5R-1, 1 Small coccoid cells, often in pairs
B M0015B-2R-1, 0 Very long rods
C M0009D-5R-1, 1 Rods with different lengths
D M0020A-6R-1, 12 Irregular coccoid cells, forming aggregates
E M0024A-1R-1, 68 Long rods
F M0007C-3R-CC, 38 Short curved rods
G M0020A-6R-1, 12 Short rods
H M0005E-1M-1, 33 Short curved rods
I M0024A-1R-1, 68 Large round cells
J M0016A-7R-1, 5 Small coccoid to oval cells

Note: Slide letters refer to parts of Figure F6.

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