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Figure F16. Deepening-up with final drowning of deglacial reef sequence indicated by microbioerosion. Faaa = Hole M0019A; Maraa = Holes M0007B, M0017A, M0015A, M0016A, and M0018A; Tiarei inner ridge = Hole M0023A; Tiarei outer ridge = Holes M0009D, M0009E, M0024A, M0025A, M0025B, M0021B, and M0009B. Base of deglacial reef represents euphotic conditions indicated by typical microbioeroders in corals. Cryptophotic conditions indicated by typical microborers are locally developed in shaded niches within the photic zone (Cores 310-M0025A-9R-1, 310-M0025B-10R-1, and 310-M0007B-11R-1). Toward the top of deglacial reef, euphotic indications change to dysphotic indications which traces the post-LGM sea level rise. Yellow = deglacial reef (Unit 1), gray = older Pleistocene (Unit 2). DRS = deglacial reef succession. Cryptoph = cryptophotic.

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