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Figure F8. Ichnoreticulina elegans (SEM images of resin casts of boreholes) produced by the chlorophyte Ostreobium quekettii. Main characteristic of I. elegans is the dense zigzag pattern meshwork. A, B. The common diameter of zigzag-shaped galleries is ~2 µm. C, D. I. elegans also develops thick galleries up to 5 µm in diameter. E. Unusual little appendixes (≤ 1 µm) emerge from individual thick galleries (3–4 µm, triangle). Thin and straight exploratory filaments (1–2 µm, arrows) extend close and parallel to the substrate surface. F. Archlike branches (5 µm) which connect I. elegans to the substrate surface with an arch span of 10–20 µm. I. elegans was found in all three substrates (coral, coralline algae, and microbialite).

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