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Figure F3. Downcore profiles of dissolved sulfate and δ13CDIC in upper 20 mbsf of sediments recovered along the Expedition 311 transect, Sites (A) U1326, (B) U1325, (C) U1327, and (D) U1329. The lightest δ13CDIC values coincide with the sulfate depletion depth at the sulfate-methane transition (SMT) zone. Only at Sites U1326 and U1329 is there evidence for significant contribution of an AOM. E. Illustration of gas hydrate occurrence zone (GHOZ) (from Malinverno et al., 2008). There is no apparent relationship between the depth of the SMT, contribution of AOM, and thickness of gas hydrate occurrence zone. PDB = Peedee belemnite. GHSZ = gas hydrate stability zone.

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