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Figure F45. Composite of petrophysical and downhole logging data between 645 and 694 m WSF, Hole M0029A. Logs toward the left (total and spectral gamma ray and magnetic susceptibility) increase in an interval from ~660 to 666 m WSF. These logs respond to the lithological change at the Unit IV/V boundary. Sonic and conductivity logs display a broad low from 661 to 673 m WSF as lithologies become coarser grained. Between 682 and 668 m WSF the comparison between log and core magnetic susceptibility shows four clear peaks that correlate with coarser more glauconitic lithologies. They also show that there is a shift between core and logs as the upper two peaks observed in the core data should be shifted up to match the logs, consistent with the observation of a gap in core recovery here. The sonic log, multisensor core log (MSCL) velocity, and conductivity show clear correspondence, particularly between 667 and 674 m WSF with indurated intervals within the core.

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