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Table T1. Depth interval summaries for new X-ray fluorescence (XRF) data, relevant expedition data (see the “Expedition 313 summary” chapter [Expedition 313 Scientists, 2010a]), and updated seismic reflection surface depths (Miller et al., 2013), Holes M0027A, M0028A, and M0029A.

continuous core
(new data, this report)
CSF-A (m)
core samples
(new data, this report)
CSF-A (m)
Petrophysical downhole
data available through
the analyzed interval
Petrophysical data on whole cores and samples of interest
to this report
Depth of key seismic reflection surfaces
in measured interval
CSF-A (m)
Unit II
CSF-A (m)
Hole M0027A
174.64–237.66 174.84–236.53 m Spectral gamma ray, magnetic susceptibility, electrical conductivity, sonic velocity Density, P-wave velocity, magnetic susceptibility, resistivity, NGR (whole cores) m4.1: 209 (70X-2/71X-1) 167.74–236.16
(58H-1 to 83R-3) (58H-1 to 83R-3) Digital linescans, color reflectance (split core surface) m4.5: 218.39 (75X-2) (57H-2 to 83R-2)
63 m interval 62 m interval Density, velocity (samples) m5: 225.45 (80R-1)  
      m5.2: 236.15 (83R-2)  
Hole M0028A
223.34–249.22 223.69–254.02 Spectral gamma ray As above m4.1: 244.16 (8R-2) 223.33–335.37
(2R-1 to 10R-1) (2R-1 to 12R-1) m4.5: 254.23 (12R-1) (2R-1 to 49R-2)
26 m interval 30 m interval    
Hole M0029A
342.61– 43.62 326.48–479.25 Spectral gamma ray (throughout), magnetic susceptibility, sonic velocity, conductivity (lower part, deeper than 400 m CSF-A) As above m4.1 343.81 (72R-1) 325.12–640.51
(71R-2) (66R-1 to 118R-1) m4.2: 364.86 (79R-2) (65R-2 to 175R-1)
1 m interval 153 m interval m4.3: 377.15 (83R-2)  
    m4.4: 409.27 (94R-1)  
    m4.5: 478.61 (118R-1)  

NGR = natural gamma radiation.

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