Table T1. Expedition 314 operations summary. (See table notes.)

Hole Proposed
Type of
Location Water
(m LSF)
Latitude Longitude
C0001A NT2-03B Pilot 33°14.2945′N 136°42.7139′E 2199.5 1000 Pilot with MWD-GR-APWD
C0001B NT2-03B Coring 33°14.3135′N 136°42.7252′E 2189 30.6 Geotechnical coring with HPCS
C0001C NT2-03B LWD 33°14.3345′N 136°42.7014′E 2198 77.5 Suspended because of deviation by strong current
C0001D NT2-03B LWD 33°14.3286′N 136°42.7040′E 2197.5 976 LWD (GVR-sonic-SVWD-MWD-APWD-ADN)
C0002A NT3-01B LWD 33°18.0192′N 136°38.1810′E 1936 1401.5 LWD (GVR-sonic-SVWD-MWD-APWD-ADN)
C0003A NT2-01D LWD 33°13.3982′N 136°42.1382′E 2453 533.5 LWD/Lost BHA
C0004A NT2-01I Pilot 33°13.2424′N 136°43.3349′E 2632 400 Pilot without MWD-GR-APWD
C0004B NT2-01I LWD 33°13.2264′N 136°43.3461′E 2637 400 LWD (GVR-sonic-SVWD-MWD-APWD)
C0005A NT2-01E Pilot 33°13.5603′N 136°43.1050′E 2446.5 524 Pilot without MWD-GR-APWD
C0005B NT2-01G Pilot 33°13.4141′N 136°43.2245′E 2524.5 37 Pilot without MWD-GR-APWD
C0006A NT1-03B Pilot 33°01.6430′N 136°47.6550′E 3875 885.5 Pilot with MWD-GR-APWD
C0006B NT1-03B LWD 33°01.6350′N 136°47.6390′E 3871.5 885.5 LWD (GVR-sonic-SVWD-MWD-APWD)

Notes: LSF = LWD depth below seafloor. MWD = measurement while drilling, GR = gamma radiation, APWD = annular pressure while drilling, HPCS = hydraulic piston coring system, LWD = logging while drilling, GVR = geoVISION resistivity tool, sonic = sonic while drilling (sonicVISION), SVWD = seismicVISION while drilling, ADN = Azimuthal Density Neutron tool (adnVISION), BHA = bottom-hole assembly.

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