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Figure F14. Photomicrographs of smear slide mineralogy. A. Foraminifers infilled with pyrite, grains of quartz/feldspar, green biotite, and a small round calcareous spicule (right) in a muddy matrix (Sample 317-U1351A-3H-1, 30 cm). B. Calcareous sponge spicules (three pointed), pyrite-filled foraminifers, biotite, and amphibole (Sample 317-U1351A-4H-4, 40 cm). C. Amphibole and plagioclase grains among quartz/feldspar, rock fragments, and altered grains (Sample 317-U1351B-5H-2, 100 cm). D. Low-grade metamorphic and other rock fragments (center) (Sample 317-U1351B-5H-2, 100 cm). E. Similar view as C (rotated counterclockwise relative to view in C) but with nicols crossed. F. Same view as D but with nicols crossed.

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