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Figure F32. Orthogonal demagnetization plots of AF and thermal demagnetization of samples from Holes U1352B and U1352C. Open circles = projection on the vertical plane, solid circles = projection on the horizontal plane. NRM = natural remanent magnetization. A, C, E, F. AF demagnetization. (A) Sample 317-U1352B-8H-4, 62 cm (70.32 m). (C) Sample 317-U1352B-29H-3, 79 cm (254.99 m). (E) Sample 317-U1352C-44R-1, 44 cm (1026.54 m). (F) Sample 317-U1352C-79R-1, 132 cm (1319.22 m). B, D. Thermal demagnetization. (B) Sample 317-U1352B-8H-4, 65 cm (70.35 m). (D) Sample 317-U1352B-29H-3, 83 cm (255.03 m). G. Magnetic susceptibility variation of thermally demagnetized Samples 317-U1352B-29H-3, 83 cm (255.03 m; red), and 8H-4, 65 cm (70.35 m; black), after each heating step.

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