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Table T1. Nomenclature and symbols used in this study, Expedition 317.

Symbol Definition SI unit
A Area of specimen cm2
Cc Compression index  
d Diameter of specimen cm
e Void ratio  
ei Initial void ratio measured on specimen  
epc Void ratio at the intersection point measured on specimen  
ε Strain rate  
Es Constrained modulus MN/m2
g Gravity acceleration m/s2
h Height of specimen cm
hi Initial height of specimen cm
OCR Overconsolidation ratio  
ρb Bulk density g/cm3
ρd Dry bulk density g/cm3
ρpw Pore water density g/cm3
σpc Preconsolidation stress kPa
σv Vertical effective stress kPa
σvh Vertical hydrostatic effective stress kPa
σvi Initial vertical effective stress kPa
σvm Maximum vertical effective stress applied on specimen kPa
Vb Bulk volume of the specimen cm3
wd Dry weight g
wc Water content %
zs Midpoint of depth interval of the sample mbsf

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