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Figure F15. Alternating-field demagnetization (demag) results for four discrete samples. Larger plot shows vector endpoints of paleomagnetic directions on vector demagnetization diagrams or modified Zijderveld plots (solid circles = horizontal projections, open circles = vertical projections, gray circles = data not used in computing ChRM, black dashed line = ChRM direction), smaller plot shows intensity variation with progressive demagnetization. Data illustrate removal of a steep drilling overprint by ~10–15 mT, with the remaining magnetization providing a well-resolved characteristic remanent magnetization. A. Sample 320-U1332A-4H-2, 85 cm (25.25 m CSF). B. Sample 320-U1332A-5H-5, 85 cm (39.25 m CSF). C. Sample 320-U1332A-9H-7, 45 cm (79.85 m CSF). D. Sample 320-U1332A-12H-6, 85 cm (107.25 m CSF). NRM = natural remanent magnetization. Inc = inclination, Dec = declination, MAD = maximum angular deviation.

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