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Figure F16. Range of depositional processes that could explain tuffaceous sandstones at Site C0011, upper part of lithologic Unit II. A. Primary pyroclastic flows entering marine realm and then continuing as sediment gravity flows in submarine canyons and channels until the basin plain. B. Pyroclastic flows entering marine realm, triggering submarine landslides and debris flows, and then continuing as sediment gravity flows. C. Posteruptive redeposition at some time after an eruption because of catastrophic slope-failure processes. D. Collapse of a subaerial or submarine eruption column, leading to sediment gravity flows. For B and C, it is likely that there is a considerable degree of incorporation of previously deposited (terrigenous) sediments, whereas for A and D, pyroclastics are the predominant component in any deposit (modified after Freundt, 2003; Freundt and Schmincke, 1998; and Cas and Wright, 1991).

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