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Figure F6. Photomicrographs of smear slides. A. Zircon in sandstone of Unit V (Section 322-C0012A-52R-1, 44 cm). B. Same as A under crossed nicols. C. Rounded quartz grain in Unit V, showing characteristic morphology associated with reworking (Section 322-C0012A-52R-1, 44 cm). D. Polycrystalline quartz grain under crossed nicols (Section 322-C0012A-45R-1, 45 cm). E. Same as D under plane-polarized light. F. Transparent, blocky, felsic glass shard from an ash layer deposited after a large explosive eruption, showing first signs of alteration (black dots) (Section 322-C0012A-1R-1, 48.5 cm). (Continued on next page.)

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