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Figure F24. Examples of pillow lavas, Hole U1350A. A. Lithologic column. B. Images of Sections 324-U1350A-22R-2 through 22R-5 (location shown as red dashed lines in A). Yellow boxes on core images show locations of thin sections. C–E. Thin section scan (C) and thin section photomicrographs (D, E) of aphyric pillow basalt from Subunit IIc showing small spherical vesicles in the upper parts of pillows, characteristic jointing patterns, tube- and drop-shape vesicles inside chilled margins, and thin subhorizontal glassy rinds (plane-polarized transmitted light); (C) Thin Section 307; Sample 324-U1350A-22R-5, 81–87 cm; (D) close-up of area in yellow box in C (length of view = 12 mm); (E) Thin Section 306; Sample 324-U1350A-22R-3, 117–119 cm (length of view = 6 mm).

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