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Figure F7. Photomicrographs of development of an interlocking network of plagioclase-clinopyroxene crystal clumps with increasing grain size indicating a decreasing cooling rate. A. Thin Section 47 (Sample 324(198)-1213B-31R-1, 2–7 cm). B. Thin Section 42 (Sample 324(198)-1213B-28R-1, 45–48 cm). C. Thin Section 45 (Sample 324(198)-1213B-32R-4, 39–41 cm). D. Thin Section 51 (Sample 324(198)-1213B-32R-4, 131–134 cm). E. Thin Section 49 (Sample 324(198)-1213B-32R-3, 72–75 cm). F. Thin Section 44 (Sample 324(198)-1213B-30R-2, 27–38 cm). Plane-polarized light.

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