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Figure F25. Core images of halo types commonly observed at Site U1365. Fe-ox = iron oxyhydroxide. A. Brown and dark gray halos flanking a saponite-celadonite vein (interval 329-U1365E-12R-1, 72–81 cm). B. Brown and dark green halo flanking a celadonite, iron oxyhydroxide, and carbonate vein (interval 329-U1356E-5R-1, 35–44 cm). C. Red-brown and brown halos observed flanking celadonite and iron oxyhydroxide veins. Note that the carbonate-only veins do not have halos (interval 329-U1365E-7R-2, 128–136 cm). D. Complex halo and orange intensive halo near a chilled margin and polymineralic vein (interval 329-U1365E-8R-1, 40–48 cm).

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