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Figure F31. Chemical comparison of “fresh” vs. altered background. A. In situ sample pairs of red/brown halo and background (black; Sample 329-U1365E-2R-1, 30–34 cm) and red/brown vs. background (red; Sample 329-U1365E-4R-1, 25–27 cm). B. Selected sample pairings of dark gray halo vs. background (red; Sample 329-U1365E-11R-3, 123–126 cm), brown halo vs. background (green; Sample 329-U1365E-3R-4, 68–69 cm), and dark gray halo vs. background (blue; Sample 329-U1365E-8R-4, 61–64 cm). LOI = loss on ignition. Error is calculated from the sum of squares for each element.

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