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Figure F32. Plots of dissolved interstitial water constituents, Site U1366. Black and red circles represent samples taken either as whole rounds for squeezing or using Rhizon samplers. Blue triangles represent samples taken as whole rounds directly from the Hold Deck refrigerator for “whole round stored shorter” (WSS) analyses. IC = ion chromatography, ICP = inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectroscopy. A. Nitrate. B. Phosphate. C. Silicate. D. Alkalinity. E. Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC). F. Sulfate. G. Sulfate anomaly H. Chloride. I. Calcium. J. Magnesium. K. Strontium. L. Sodium. M. Potassium. N. Boron. O. Iron. P. Manganese.

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