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Figure F9. Representative core photographs, Site U1367. A. Dark brown zeolitic metalliferous pelagic clay in Subunit IA (interval 329-U1367B-1H-2, 0–40 cm). B. Dark brown metalliferous pelagic clay in Subunit IB (interval 329-U1367B-1H-4, 50–90 cm). C. Pink nannofossil ooze in Subunit IIA. Two light brown intercalated layers are recognizable at 120–130 and 140–146 cm (interval 329-U1367C-2H-2, 110–150 cm). D. Transition from dark brown clay-bearing nannofossil ooze to pink nannofossil ooze, showing well-preserved burrows (interval 329-U1367E-2H-3, 20–60 cm). E. Dark brown clay-bearing nannofossil ooze in Subunit IIB with frequent mottles and nannofossil-rich brown layers (interval 329-U1367B-3H-2, 100–140 cm). F. Base of Subunit IIB with moderately consolidated yellow nannofossil chalk (interval 329-U1367C-3H-4, 60–100 cm).

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