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Table T4. Distribution and overall and relative abundance of planktonic foraminifers, Site U1367.

Core, section, interval (cm) Depth (mbsf) Planktonic foraminifer zone Preservation Overall abundance Catapsydrax dissimilis Cassigerinella chipolensis Cassigerinella sp. Chiloguembelina cubensis Globigerina euapertura Globigerina praebulloides Globigerina pseudovenezuelana Globigerina tapurensis? Paragloborotalia nana Paragloborotalia opima Pseudohastigerina micra Pseudohastigerina naguewichiensis Subbotina eocaena Subbotina gortani Subbotina linaperta Tenuitellianata angustiumbilicata/T. gemma Number of taxa Comments
1H-CC 7.17 ? P R         P       F A       F     4 High fragmentation, dissolution
2H-CC 13.42 O3/O4 VG A R A F F A R A R R F       R F A 13  
3H-CC 21.90 O2 M C       R     A       A     F     4 Moderate dissolution
3H-CC 24.30 O1/O2 G A R     R R   F R     A A D F A F 10  
3H-7, 29–31 24.90 O1/O2 G–M C       R     A       A A   F   F 5  

Preservation: VG = very good, G = good, M = moderate, P = poor. Abundance: D = dominant, A = abundant, C = common, F = few, R = rare, P = present. Foraminifer zonations based on Wade et al. (2011), ? = uncertainty. For more specific preservation and abundance definitions, refer to “Paleontology and biostratigraphy” in the “Methods” chapter (Expedition 329 Scientists, 2011a).

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