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Figure F27. Photomicrographs of vesicle fills. Cel = celadonite, Sap = saponite, Fe-ox = iron oxyhydroxide, Zeo = zeolite. A. Saponite-filled vesicle (Sample 329-U1368F-6R-1, 21–25 cm; cross-polarized light; 20× magnification). B. Iron oxyhydroxide–, zeolite-, celadonite-, and calcite-filled vesicles with crosscutting vein (Sample 329-U1368F-12R-2, 13–16 cm; cross-polarized light; 5× magnification). C. Saponite- and iron oxyhydroxide–filled vesicle (Sample 329-U1368F-12R-1, 2–3 cm; plane-polarized light; 10× magnification). D. Saponite partly filling vesicles (Sample 329-U1368F-9R-1, 85–87 cm; plane-polarized light; 5× magnification).

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