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Table T4. Distribution and overall and relative abundance of ostracods, Site U1368.

Hole, core, section,
interval (cm)
Depth (mbsf) Preservation Overall abundance Bradleya Eucythere Heinia Henryhowella Krithe Pelecocythere Poseidonamicus Number of genera Comments
U1368B-1H-3, 0-2 3.00   Barren                 No ostracods found
U1368D-1H-CC 7.47 G Low   F F A D   A 5  
U1368B-2H-4, 25-27 10.25 M–G Low F       D R A 4  
U1368C-2H-CC 16.08                      

Preservation: G = good, M = moderate. Abundance: D = dominant, A = abundant, F = few, R = rare. For more specific preservation and abundance definitions, refer to “Paleontology and biostratigraphy” in the “Methods” chapter (Expedition 329 Scientists, 2011a).

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