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Figure F11. X-ray diffractograms of selected sediment, Site U1369. A. Unit I. Red = upper part of Unit I, black = clay from Unit I–II transition. Phillipsite (P), smectite (S), illite (I), cristobalite-tridymite (CT), and quartz (Q) peaks are present in both samples. Only principal peaks are annotated. Chlorite (Ch) is only present in the upper sample. B. Unit II. Upper sample (black) is representative of the majority of Unit II lithology. Lower sample (green) is from the olive-yellow sand/breccia underlying Unit II pelagic clay. Phillipsite peaks are expressed in both diffractograms. Illite/smectite (I/S) is an XRD pattern distinct from the smectite and illite peaks found in other clay at Site U1369.

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