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Figure F11. X-ray diffractograms of selected sediment, Site U1370. A. Subunits IA (red) and IB (black). Although quartz (Q) is in small abundance in Subunit IA, the intensity of its peak far exceeds those formed by other minerals including phillipsite (P), illite (I), smectite (S), cristobalite-tridymite (CT), and plagioclase (Plag). Only maximum intensity peaks for each of these minerals are plotted. For Subunit IB, smectite peak intensity is enhanced, whereas quartz and illite peak intensities are reduced. B. Units II (black) and III (green). Unit II has an abundance of calcite in the nannofossil ooze. Unit III is nearly amorphous with small peaks for smectite, goethite (G), ramsdellite (R), and possibly barite (B).

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