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Figure F9. Representative core photographs of sediment, Site U1370. A. Brown zeolitic metalliferous pelagic clay containing burrows in Subunit IA (interval 329-U1370D-1H-1, 90–130 cm). B. Manganese nodule in Subunit IA (interval 329-U1370D-2H-2, 40–80 cm). C. Dark brown zeolitic metalliferous pelagic clay in Subunit IB. The olive-brown interval between 125 and 129 cm is a hardground (interval 329-U1370D-7H-3, 110–150 cm). D. Boundary between black zeolitic metalliferous pelagic clay in Subunit IB and very pale brown nannofossil ooze in Unit II (interval 329-U1370D-7H-6, 70–110 cm). E. Very pale brown nannofossil ooze containing white nannofossil ooze layer in Unit II (interval 329-U1370D-7H-7, 10–50 cm). F. Abundant burrows in uppermost part of Unit III (interval 329-U1370D-8H-2, 5–45 cm).

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