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Table T2. Distribution and overall and relative abundance of planktonic foraminifers, Site U1370.

Core, section, interval (cm) Depth
Planktonic foraminifer zone Preservation Overall abundance Chiloguembelina midwayensis (Cushman, 1940) Chiloguembelina morsei (Kline, 1943) Eoglobigerina edita (Subbotina, 1953) Eoglobigerina eobulloides Morozova, 1959 Guembelitria cretacea (Cushman, 1933) Parasubbotina pseudobulloides (Plummer, 1926) Parasubbotina aff. pseudobulloides (Plummer, 1926) Subbotina triloculinoides (Plummer, 1926) Subbotina trivialis (Subbotina, 1953) Number of taxa Comments
7H-6, 97–99 62.01 P1b VG A P P P P   P   P P 6 Taxa not older than Zone P1b
7H-CC 63.28 P1a/P1b VG A P P P P   P P     5  
8H-1, 147–149 64.47 P1a G C   P P   P   P   P 6  

Preservation: VG = very good, G = good. Abundance: A = abundant, C = common, P = present. For more specific preservation and abundance definitions, refer to “Paleontology and biostratigraphy” in the “Methods” chapter (Expedition 329 Scientists, 2011a).

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