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Figure F3. Predicted location of Louisville hotspot track based on Indo-Atlantic data transferred to the Pacific plate via global plate circuits. Red = standard plate circuit (i.e., Cande et al., 1995) with transfer from the Atlantic Basin through East and West Antarctica (EANT-WANT), based on present-day hotspot location at 50.9°S, 138.0°W (Lonsdale, 1988); o = older end of Chron, y = younger end of Chron. Blue = alternate plate circuit (Steinberger et al., 2004) with transfer through the Lord Howe Rise (LHR). Gray shaded areas = older seamounts in the Louisville Seamount Trail. Green circles = presumed locations of seamounts having ages corresponding to those drilled in the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Trail. Orange = alternate location of present-day hotspot location at 53.5°S, 141.12°W (Epp, 1978; Wessel and Kroenke, 1997; no reconstruction shown for this alternate hotspot location). Reproduced from unpublished work by J. Tarduno, R. Cottrell, and P. Doubrovine (Rochester University). AUS = Australian plate.

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