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Figure F64. Scanned core images of representative lithologies, Site U1377. A. Foraminiferal limestone with ferromanganese-phosphate encrustation in stratigraphic Unit II (interval 330-U1377A-2R-1, 0–17 cm). B. Flow banding in trachybasalt of lithologic Unit 3 (interval 330-U1377A-4R-2, 63–77 cm). C. Flow banding in trachybasalt of lithologic Unit 1 (interval 330-U1377B-2R-2, 77–94 cm). D. Scanned core image (left) and interpretation (right) showing contacts between lithologic Units 2, 3, and 4 (interval 330-U1377B-4R-3, 102–140 cm). Lithologic Units 2 and 4 are pillows with glassy margins. Lithologic Unit 3 also has glassy margins and appears to have intruded into the space between Units 2 and 4.

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