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Table T13. Specifications of the Göttingen Borehole Magnetometer, Expedition 330.

Component Specification
Borehole magnetometer Three-component fluxgate
Power supply 50 V/0.25 A (12 W)
Random walk of fluxgate sensors (nT) <0.1
Range (µT) ±50 (x and y magnetometer), ±70 (z magnetometer)
Resolution (nT) 6.1 (x and y magnetometer), 8.54 (z magnetometer)
Data transmission Digital two-wire Manchester encoded
Sample rate Eight readings from 8 channels/s
Data acquisition system Personal computer (DOS)
Tool weight (kg) 68
Tool length (m) 3.5
Tool diameter (mm/inch) 86 (3.375)
Housing Low-magnetic monel
Maximum operation temperature (°C) 0–70 (limited by FOGs)
Maximum operation pressure (MPa) 70
Recommended logging speed (m/h) 300 (open hole)
Maximum logging speed (m/h) 3700 (limited by hole diameter)
Tool navigation system Three FOG µFORS-36 m (LITEF)

FOG = fiber-optic gyro, µFORS = miniature fiber-optic rate sensor.

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