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Table T5. List of observations recorded in the DESClogik log template for alteration, veins, and vesicles, Expedition 330.

Overall alteration Veins Vesicles
Sample Sample Sample
Top (cm) Top (cm) Top (cm)
Bottom (cm) Bottom (cm) Bottom (cm)
Top depth (m) Top depth (m) Top depth (m)
Bottom depth (m) Bottom depth (m) Bottom depth (m)
Alteration intensity name Structure name Structure name
Alteration intensity rank Generation name Vesicle abundance (%)
Alteration color Total number of instance (N) Vesicle sphericity
Groundmass altered (%) Vein density (N/cm²) Vesicle roundness
Glass altered (%) Vein maximum size (mm) Vesicle maximum size (mm)
Olivine altered (%) Vein modal size (mm) Vesicle modal size (mm)
Olivine replacement mineral Geometry name Vesicle density (N/cm²)
Plagioclase altered (%) Vein filling crystal habit Vesicle infilling (%)
Plagioclase replacement mineral Vein filling mineral (%) Vesicle infilling mineral
Alteration comment and interpretation Vein halo thickness (mm) Vesicle halo color
File data Vein halo color Vesicle halo thickness (mm)
  Thickness average (cm) Vesicle description and comment
  Vein description and comment File data
  File data  

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