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Table T9. MAD variables, units, and calculations, Expedition 330.

Quantity and variable Unit Value or calculation
Density of salt, ρsalt g/cm3 2.22
Density of pore water, ρPW g/cm3 1.024
Mass ratio (salinity correction) None 0.965
Wet mass, MW g Measured
Dry mass, MD g Measured
Dry volume, VD cm3 Measured
Mass of pore water, MPW g (MWMD)/Mass ratio
Volume of pore water, VPW cm3 MPW/ρPW
Mass of salts, Msalt g MPWMW + MD
Volume of salts, Vsalt cm3 Msalt/ρsalt
Wet volume, VW cm3 VDVsalt + VPW
Mass of solids, Msolids g MWMPW
Volume of solids, Vsolids cm3 VWVPW
Porosity, ϕ None VPW/VW
Wet density, ρW g/cm3 MW/VW
Dry density, ρD g/cm3 Msolids/VW
Grain density, ρgrain g/cm3 Msolids/Vsolids
Void ratio None VPW/Vsolids

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