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Figure F12. Close-up photographs and thin section photomicrographs of sedimentary flow and current structures in stratigraphic Unit II. A. Erosional contact between calcareous sediment (above) and basalt breccia (below) (Subunit IIA; interval 330-U1372A-4R-1A, 110.5–124 cm). B. Intercobble and interboulder limestone and sandstone with cross-laminae (Subunit IIC; interval 330-U1372A-5R-3A, 32.5–38.5 cm). C. Grainstone with cross-laminae (Subunit IIC; Sample 330-U1372A-5R-3W, 16–20 cm; Thin Section 10) (crossed polars). D. “Shell umbrella” structure (S) and foraminiferal wackestone next to large shell fragment being preserved from winnowing between grains of shell, altered volcanic glass, and basalt (Subunit IID; Sample 330-U1372A-7R-2W, 105–111 cm; Thin Section 17) (crossed polars). Arrows indicate uphole direction.

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