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Figure F39. Close-up photographs of vesicle infills in basaltic units. Core surfaces were photographed wet. Arrows point toward top of core. A. Low- to elongate-sphericity subangular vesicles infilled with carbonate and sediment. Note the geopetal in upper left part of sample with a lower layer of pink clay and an upper layer of calcite. Vesicles also contain minor zeolites (interval 330-U1372A-8R-5, 129–135 cm). B. Elongate, rounded vesicles filled with carbonate, white clay, and minor amounts of zeolite (interval 330-U1372A-28R-1, 24–30 cm). Note the botryoidal structure with common intergrowth of carbonate and clay minerals, which seems to indicate typical growth direction toward the top of the core.

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